Blue Card EU for Germany

Blue Card EU for GermanyGermany’s economy is booming and the country is in desperate need of skilled professionals in various industries. In order to attract highly qualified individuals, Germany introduced the Blue Card EU for Germany in 2012, (based on a European Union Directive, 2009/50 EG).

The Blue Card EU for Germany is a residence and work permit that offers certain advantages over „regular“ work and residence permits, which continue to be available. These advantages include:

  • Shorter processing times, since the Federal Labor Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) will usually not be involved in the application process, which would otherwise be required in most cases.
  • „Fast track“ to permanent residency: Blue Card holders qualify for permanent residency after 33 months of having paid contributions to the German public pension system (a requirement that comes with employment) – as opposed to 60 months of contributions required for “regular” residence permit holders.
  • If sufficient language skills can be shown (German level “B1”), Blue Card holders may apply for permanent residency as early as after 21 months!
  • Family members will be able to move to Germany with the Blue Card holder immediately.

Who qualifies for a Blue Card EU for Germany?

There are a number of requirements that applicants have to meet in order to obtain a Blue Card in Germany:

  • A university degree, either German or foreign. If the degree was obtained abroad, there is a procedure to ascertain whether the degree will be accepted in Germany.
  • A concrete job offer from German employer (to be evidenced by a written employment contract)
  • The offered salary must be at least EUR 55,200 (gross) annually in 2020. Certain benefits, such as bonuses may be counted towards to the gross income, if they are guaranteed in the employment contract. For certain professions in which qualified individuals are in especially high demand, such as

– scientists

– physicians (excluding dentists)

– mathematicians

– engineers

– IT and communication technology specialists

the salary threshold is reduced to EUR 43,056.00 (2020)

 How to apply for the Blue Card EU for Germany?

Generally, applicants must apply to the German diplomatic mission (Embassy or Consulate) at their place of residence, (unless they already legally reside in Germany). There are exceptions for the following nationalities:

Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, United States.

Citizens from these countries may enter the country without a visa and apply for the Blue Card from within Germany.

The following documents will have to be submitted:

  • Application form (there are various forms available, depending on the municipality where residence will be taken
  • Valid passport
  • One new biometric photo (35mm x 45mm)
  • University degree
  • proposed employment contract

If you are interested in applying for a Blue Card EU for Germany, we can answer any questions you may have concerning the subject and handle the application process for you.

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