Büdding Legal – International business lawyers in Berlin and San Francisco

Büdding Legal is a Berlin based law firm specializing in international business law with a representative office in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We provide quality legal services in the areas of international civil and commercial law and related areas with emphasis on US-German cross-border transactions and on assisting English-speaking clients their legal and business affairs in Germany. Whether you want to start a new business in Germany, form a subsidiary, or register a branch office of a foreign company, we address your legal needs in your language.

Our services include all aspects of „doing business in Germany“, from corporate law, to drafting industry specific agreements in various areas, and protecting your intellectual property or procuring a trademark. We also assist your online business with regard to specific German and European data protection and internet law compliance.

If you would like to acquire or sell real property in Germany, we provide coprehensive guidance in dealing with banks, brokers, notaries, and parties to the transaction in a legal environment that is fundamentally different from common law jurisdictions like the United States or the United Kingdom.

German – American lawyer in Berlin

We have over 15 years experience of practicing in the technology-oriented San Francisco Bay Area as well as in Germany and developed considerable expertise in the area of international business transactions and the laws of California and Germany. Practicing in both jurisdictions uniquely qualifies us to address the needs of international clients.You will benefit from our experience in German, American, and international law and our extensive network of professionals, such as tax advisors and accountants, who will provide bookkeeping and tax filing services, including payroll administration for individuals or companies, in close cooperation with us.

Professional legal adivice before conflicts arise

Our approach is to provide our clients with comprehensive and far-sighted legal advice before conflicts arise, thus saving them the time, costs and uncertainties of litigation. This is especially important when the parties to an agreement come from differnt legal backgrounds and may have different expectations. We provide your clients with a solid contractual frameworks that clearly define the respective rights and duties and identifies the applicale law and, where appropriate, incorporate dispute resolution mechansims, so no surprises arise later.

Civil and commercial litigation

When a conflict has already evolved, Büdding Legal will vigourously represent you or your company’s interests in court all over Germany as well as in the United States.